WHOA — Rush Limbaugh Drops MEGA Bombshell On Republicans…No One Saw THIS Coming!

“Everybody just calm down, just calm down.”

Thousands of beleaguered Trump supporters who were dejected over the resignation of Michael Flynn (and the inevitable mainstream media gloating) tuned in to Rush Limbaugh to see what “America’s Anchorman” had to say about it.

Limbaugh didn’t disappoint. While not trying to gloss over Flynn’s single fire-able offense—allegedly lying to Vice President Pence about his conversations with the Russians about sanctions—the top rated radio host also calmly explained what was really going on.

Yes, this “scandal” was a setback, Limbaugh explained, but then put the whole matter into context as only he can:

I can imagine the impact on you, and you’re asking, “Well, when’s he gonna stop? I mean, how much more of this can anybody take? How much more of this kind of assault and attacking nature can any administration handle. And then the other question, how long can the Republicans in Congress handle it. How long are they gonna stay bucked up and stiff-spined about it, and time will tell on that.

I’m gonna tell you, Trump’s not stopping. There will be more ICE raids this afternoon to make people forget about this. The media’s gonna try as hard as they can not to let go of this, because now they’ve got their scalp. They think they have blood in the water, they’ve got a scalp and they think they can get another and then another and then another and then another until finally they get Trump.

Listen for the full, fantastic monologue below:

So what we have here, we have a political assassination that’s taken place here, a political assassination, Mike Flynn, who, do you know he worked for Obama four different times? You didn’t know that?

Limbaugh also revealed that Flynn is in fact a registered Democrat. Despite that, liberals have targeted him for destruction. Why? Because, Limbaugh maintained, Flynn is also “a hawk, and that’s something the left just can’t abide.”

He told his listeners that yes, they had a right to be infuriated that a man who’d served his country for over 30 years had been forced to resign “over a freaking phone call” while Democratic wrongdoers get away with real crimes all the time.

But he warned that they had to be prepared for renewed attacks from the left to bring down others in the Trump White House, specifically Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer, whose public profiles have been boosted by the likes of Saturday Night Live.

It will probably get worse before it gets better, but by all accounts, Trump is allowing this situation to stall the rollout of his policies, either.

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Source: RushLimbaugh.com

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