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Lindsey Graham: Ted Cruz Is “Worse” Than Obama [VIDEO]
By PJ Editor|February 6, 2016

Lindsey Graham is known for being conservatives’ enemy. In fact, he practically wears it as a badge of honor

So when he says crazy things, sometimes you just write him off. But, there’s crazy…and then there’s really crazy. Sen. Graham has jumped the shark this time.

In an interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN Thursday, Graham said that Cruz’ foreign policy is “just as wrong as Obama, if not worse.”

“In Ted Cruz’s world, dictators do very well,” he continued, comparing his colleague’s foreign policy to that of Ron Paul, the former congressman, Republican presidential candidate and long-time leading libertarian.

He also criticized Cruz approach in the Senate. Apparently standing up for your principles makes you an enemy to the Republican Party in Graham’s eyes.

Cruz wasn’t the only target of his invective:

Not that Graham — who has endorsed Jeb Bush — is warming to Donald Trump, whose foreign policy prescriptions he described as “gibberish.”

“I don’t know if anybody’s worse than Trump,” Graham told Blitzer, rolling out a familiar burn: “If you’re a Republican and your choice is Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in a general election,” he said, “it’s the difference between poisoned or shot — you’re still dead.”

Do you think Lindsey Graham is right…or dead wrong?


Credit: CNN

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