Boom: Look What Trump Is Going After Now…Obama Is Raging!

Donald Trump has famously been skeptical about the theory of man-made climate change, as many of his most notorious tweets show.

Many thought he would have backed off once he moved into the Oval Office, but Trump is giving off some clear signals that those tweets weren’t just random musings. He looks like he is planning to make that skepticism official U.S. policy.

Nick Visser of the Huffington Post reports:

[T]he Trump camp has asked the State Department to disclose what funding it provides each year to green groups, asking: “How much does the Department of State contribute annually to international environmental organizations in which the department participates?”


The move is the latest in a series of troubling fact-finding tasks by the Trump administration aimed at environmental initiatives undertaken by the federal government. Earlier this month, the transition team sent the Department of Energy a questionnaire asking for a list of all employees and contractors who worked on initiatives related to climate change and attended United Nations meetings to tackle the issue. The agency refused to comply, citing concerns over employee privacy, and some compared the request to McCarthy-era witch hunts.

Donald Trump has already vowed to withdraw “the U.S. from the landmark Paris climate agreement, repeal President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan and open up domestic production of fossil fuels.”

Of course, the Huffington Post says this will destroy “any environmental progress made over the past eight years.”

Saner heads could counter that Trump’s plans will bring thousands of high paying pipeline and fracking jobs to America and help reduce the nation’s reliance on oil from evil OPEC nations.

“Clean power” is just another euphemism for energy sources like wind and solar, which have never been dependable and efficient anywhere, even when heavily funded by the government.

No, Trump has never hesitated to express his desire to maintain clean air and water; those aren’t on the table. Instead, he simply wants to restore sanity to American energy policy.

Source: Huffington Post

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