Look Who Had Trump’s Back In Phoenix—Protesters Didn’t Stand A Chance

Since the election of Donald Trump, Antifa and other radical leftists groups have been turning the U.S. into a warzone.

They think they can run amuck in our cities and streets, endangering innocent citizens, just because they don’t like the president.

They have to learn that most of the country does not support them. Perhaps they learned that lesson this last week, when they showed up at Phoenix to yet again, oppose the President.

A few buddies were there to make sure Antifa stayed in check.

From US Herald:

The president will once again leave the “swamp” of Washington to head west and hold a rally within the “Grand Canyon State” where thousands of his supporters are currently gathering to welcome him back.

However Trump supporters won’t be alone, preliminary reports have already identified a number of leftist groups massing on the outskirts of the Convention Center ready to cause trouble, attempting to perhaps get inside and “crash” the festivities and also grab as many free tickets as possible so that Trump supporters would be frozen out of the arena.

Regardless of their intent, the protesters won’t run free to create mayhem as they did in Charlottesville because they certainly didn’t count on the Bikers for Trump’s Arizona Cobra Chapter to be out in full force, to greet the leftist mob which claims to have over 14-different leftist groups in attendance causing mischief.

The biker group put a call out to its members saying: “Donald Trump is coming to the Phoenix Convention Center to hold a rally. There have been plans for Charlottesville sympathizers to protest. We need our bikers to show up and keep people safe.”

The message continued: “They are supposed to start at 6:00. We think we need to be there by at least 4:00. That is when the doors open. If there are people outside waiting to get in, we don’t want anyone to harass them. Protesters have a right to protest, but they don’t have a right to threaten or intimidate. That is why we need to be there.”

I doubt the pathetic, childish, spoiled brats of Antifa were happy to see a legion of bikers rumble through the city.

Antifa are grade A bullies. They dress in black, wear masks, too afraid to show their faces. I guess mommy and daddy would pull their support, if they embarrassed them on the news.

But Biker for Trump aren’t cowards. They are tough men and women who love their country and believe in its freedoms. They aren’t thugs or are quick to violence, but are ready to confront the idiots of Antifa—should it come to that.

Antifa rarely confronts real men. They love to attack women, elderly, and others who have trouble defending themselves. Be it bikers or cops, whenever Antifa faces real opposition, they wilt.

Let’s hope the brain-dead members of this hate group learn their lesson. Next time the thunder rumbles, run and hide!

Source: US Herald

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