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Whoa! Major Opinion-Maker Goes NUCLEAR On Trump…Unhinged or On Point?
By PJ Editor|April 1, 2016

In the last few days, it seems like something has changed.

Donald Trump is a lightning rod candidate who engenders strong feelings from his supporters and his detractors. But over the last couple of weeks, the tone and volume of the opposition has changed.

Maybe it is because of new polling that shows Trump losing support, but blood seems to be in the water.


The always quotable Peggy Noonan has never been a fan of Trump, but her latest in the The Wall Street Journal is indicative of this renewed sense of vitriolic opposition.

Writes Noonan…

It’s been going on for four or five weeks, and you can take your pick as to the tipping point. Maybe it was when he threatened to “spill the beans” on another candidate’s wife, or when he retweeted the jeering pictures of her and his own wife. Maybe it was his inability to clearly, promptly denounce the KKK; maybe it was when he hinted at riots if he’s cheated out of the nomination. Maybe it was Corey Lewandowski’s alleged battery of reporter Michelle Fields. Maybe it was when Mr. Trump referred in debate to his genitals, a true national first.

It has all added up into a large blob of sheer dumb grossness. He is now seriously misjudging the room. The room is still America.

Source: Wall Street Journal

PJ Editor
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