Malik Obama Surprises McCain With A ‘Hero’ Question No One Else Dared To Ask

True conservatives love to hate Senator John McCain. While he runs as a Republican, it’s not always clear why. He is a very unreliable ally of  conservatives, and is perhaps one of the best examples of a neocon in Congress.

It’s also clear that he has an intense dislike of President Trump, almost to the point that you have to wonder if he wouldn’t support policies that would damage the nation as long as they also damaged the president. Such is the spite that this man seems to display.

And when one has to turn to the half-brother of former president Obama, Malik Obama, to get a true picture of a Republican, well, something is very wrong.

Mr. McCain has made much of his Vietnam war record, having been shot down and captured by the North Vietnamese, resulting in his spending six years in a North Vietnam prisoner of war camp. This is not something we would wish on anyone.

Yet Malik Obama asked a very simple question that no one else is asking: What makes John McCain a “hero?”

Here’s what it looks like when that awkward question is asked of the man who relishes being considered a war hero:

It is a source of embarrassment that the Republicans have failed to ask this question themselves. You would think that someone who suffered for his nation as McCain did would one of the first to attack those NFL athletes who disrespect our flag and national anthem. But McCain is strangely silent.

“Aside from McCain’s praiseworthy military service, which includes serving in the Vietnam War and being held captive by the North Vietnamese for nearly six years, the guy seems much more like a back-stabbing villain than a hero.

“Because of McCain’s intransigence, for instance, the Graham-Cassidy Obama ‘repeal’ bill proposed by Sens. Bill Cassidy and Lindsey Graham is pretty much dead in the water.”

Obamacare repeal is a perfect example of the untrustworthy nature of McCain. He says he’s in favor of repealing that awful legislation, but then votes the other way.

Mr. McCain is no “maverick.” His is a turncoat who betrays his own party and the president who leads it. The Republicans of Arizona repeatedly make a mistake by nominating him to run for Senate as a candidate from their party.

“And God forbid he take a stand for his fellow veterans by joining the president in condemning the punks in the NFL who’ve been kneeling during the national anthem.”

Mr. McCain is a fraud. He is neither loyal to his party nor thoughtful in his positions. He is driven by ego and spite. While there was no joy in seeing Mr. Obama win the presidential election, Mr. McCain would have made a terrible president thereby making the available choices in the 2008 election among of the worst in our nation’s history.

The people of Arizona should recall and replace John McCain.  Share your thoughts below, and SHARE if you think Malik’s question needs to be heard by all Americans!

Source: Conservative Tribune

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