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Religion Of Peace: Man Kills Teen Bride…The Reason Will INFURIATE You!
By PJ Editor|April 11, 2016

The barbarism never ends.

Whether it is child brides, female genital mutilation, denying basic human rights, slavery, the death penalty for being raped, or honor killings…many Islamic cultures hates women and treats them as chattel.

So while Obama is trying to import more of these medieval beliefs here and American liberals are defending the same people that throw homosexuals off of buildings and behead children for listening to western music, we get yet another reminder of exactly what we are dealing with…not that the left will take notice…from Conservative Tribune:

A 19-year-old bride was strangled to death, according to Pakistani newspaper Indus News, for not being who the husband thought she was when he married her.

The girl had been recently married to her cousin, Qalandar Bux Khokhar, who claimed that the girl was presented to him as an “undefiled bride” — but he found her not to be. He claims she had had sexual partners prior to him and that, after discovering this, he had simply no other option but to kill her on the day after the wedding to preserve his honor.

Peace be upon you.

Source: Conservative Tribune

PJ Editor
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