Massive Hillary Lie REVEALED On National TV…CNN CAUGHT Trying To Hide The Truth!

Defying all logic and any shred of journalistic integrity, corrupt CNN continues to protect their candidate Hillary Clinton. This unprofessional, disgraceful bias has frequently made them look like idiots, as they put forward stories based not on facts, but errors.

They have become a laughing stock online, with many users making fun of them on social media. Yet despite this, they continue to dodge the truth and violate viewers’ trust, by trying to prop up a failing candidate.

The most recent attempt to protect Hillary–in spite of a massive corruption scandal and cover up–continues to add to CNN’s reputation as biased, pathetic, and unwatchable.

In a recent interview Boris Epshteyn discussed the email scandal with host Brooke Baldwin. Epshteyn made pointed remarks about how Hillary and her staff didn’t just delete sensitive emails, but destroyed equipment with hammers.

In a desperate attempt to invalidate his claims, the CNN host tried question it. Guess what happened next?

From Dennis Michael Lynch:

Ending with a statement regarding Clinton being “absolutely disqualified from becoming president,” Epshteyn drops the bombshell remark about the destruction of Blackberries using hammers.

In disbelief,  Baldwin had to call for a quick “fact check” to confirm the accuracy of the claim. “Hang on, hang on, hang on,” Baldwin interjected. “Evan Perez, hammers? Fact check that for me please on the fly.”

Of course, probably expecting a different answer, Baldwin’s facial reaction was priceless when Perez confirmed the fact: “Yes, they did, Brooke.”

A small moment, but it perfectly encapsulates CNN’s stupidity. They are so determined to protect Crooked Hillary, they embarrass themselves. Make no mistake, Clinton isn’t doing anything to help these biased media outlets. For no reason they are on the hook to defend, prop up, and promote one of the most corrupt politicians in American history.

And for their efforts, they destroy their own credibility and reputation.

Watch the video to see the moment yourself:

Source: Dennis Michael Lynch

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