MASSIVE: Liberals Put American Lives In Danger…Trump Is Furious!

They call it “the Left Coast” for a reason: California has always led the way in innovation, and not always for the better. This is particularly true when it comes to society’s fads and fashions, like the Sexual Revolution and the normalization of recreational drug use.

That crazy state is at it again, with proposed legislation that sounds like satire, but is 100% real. It’s clearly meant as a provocation directed at Donald Trump’s vow to secure the border and deport criminal aliens:

Only in California. California State Senator Kevin de Leon has introduced a bill, SB-54 or the “California Values Act” (because if you disagree with this legislation then you’re obviously just an immoral, racist asshole), that explicitly prohibits “state and local law enforcement agencies” from investigating, detaining, detecting, reporting or arresting people for “immigration enforcement purposes.” Moreover, the bill would force “public schools, hospitals, and courthouses” to establish “safe zones” that “limit immigration enforcement on their premises.” (…)

Of course, all of this begs the question of why, if the State of California is allowed to pick and choose which federal laws it decides to enforce, would municipalities and local police departments have to enforce all state laws…perhaps we should take it one step further and just let each city police department pick which laws they want to enforce.

Every liberal do-gooder envisions himself as the reincarnation of Martin Luther King Jr. or Cesar Chavez, standing up for the downtrodden. In their fantasy world, there is no room for the American workers made jobless by illegals, or worse, those raped, robbed and killed by them.

But lawmakers like de Leon don’t really care about the illegals either. They are just human props in his grandiose fantasy. He’s probably secretly imagining which major movie star will portray him in the inevitable Hollywood movie about his “brave” fight against “injustice…”

Source: Zero Hedge

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