BOOM! MASSIVE Shift In Early Voting Numbers…Clinton Team In Blind PANIC!

Plenty of political watchers keep bring up Mitt Romney and the 2012 race for the White House as proof positive that Donald Trump’s lagging in the polls and on a path toward failure.

But recent numbers don’t really bear that out – but rather, bode better for Trump.

Here’s an example from Trump communications strategist, Jason Miller, who spoke to Breitbart News and said “Trump has thousands of more early votes racked up than Mitt Romney did during this point in the 2012 election, giving them more momentum heading into the final week of the 2016 presidential election.”

There’s a buzz that’s been generated on the campaign trail these past few days, that’s for sure – and it’s not all due to the bomb dropped by FBI director James Comey on the Hillary Clinton camp, by way of an announced second look at potentially hundreds of thousands of emails stored by her aide Huma Abedin on disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

“We can talk about polls,” Miller said, Breitbart reported. “But let me tell you about real votes coming in now in Florida. Republican numbers at this point are a combination of absentee voting and early voting.”

Republican numbers have shot up seven percent, while Democrats have simultaneously falled by 10 percent, Miller said.

So what’s the big deal?

“Usually,” Miller said, Breitbart reported, “the Democrats will come out of early voting, pre-election voting ahead, but right now, we’re at a pace to be 100,000 votes closer than where Mitt Romney was four years ago.”

Roughly three million voters have cast ballots in Florida. And so far Republicans have taken the lead, casting 13,545 more ballots than Democrats, the news outlet reported.

And head up the East Coast to North Carolina, it’s more of the same.

“We had 79,000 people that showed up and voted on Friday for Mr. Trump,” Miller said, Breitbart reported, “which is the best single day – well, Republicans showing up and voting … [the] single individual best day of voting, even going back to 2012.”

His conclusion, based on emerging energy at the polls for Republicans?

“Mr.Trump’s going to win on November 8,” Miller said, Breitbart reported.

Source: Breitbart

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