There are many things we can look to that proves Obama’s terrible track record as President. His rhetoric–even while in office–was divisive, leading to fractures among social classes and races.  His policy concerning immigration was downright illegal, circumventing existing laws and Congress to flood our nation with illegals.

Obamacare greatly damaged the way Americans get health coverage. His treatment of the White House and government looked more like a social experiment rather than leadership. And then there’s the way he pandered to foreign powers, constantly apologizing for Americans for our way of life and beliefs.

But perhaps worst of all was his inexcusable and simply baffling Iran deal. A nation that has vowed to wipe us and our allies off the map, was allowed access to nuclear technology. A nation that has plenty of oil reserves and resources to provide power to its people, will soon have the technology to develop weapons of mass destruction–all approved by our President.

If we don’t work quickly, Iran will have a nuclear weapon in a matter of years. Then all the negotiating in the world won’t stop them from bringing about terrible destruction around the world.

From Allen B West:

President-elect Donald Trump has stated repeatedly that the Iran deal is absolutely terrible and promised during his campaign to shred it and leave it in the waste basket.

Well, it seems he’s going to have a little help getting that particular task done.

The Daily Caller reports, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu plans on speaking with President-elect Donald Trump about the Iran deal after the inauguration, he told a conference audience Sunday.

Netanyahu publicly clashed with President Barack Obama over the Iranian nuclear deal, traveling to the U.S. to protest the deal before Congress in 2015. Trump called the deal a “disaster” on numerous occasions throughout the campaign, terming it “the worst deal ever negotiated.”

Israel has much to be worried about over the Iran deal. To Iran, Israel is enemy number one, a primary reason they want to destroy the U.S. The long hatred Iranians have toward Israel will most certainly boil into all out war, should Iran get nuclear weapons.

With the combined efforts of Netanyahu and Trump, we’ll see sanctions put back on Iran and the deal that would lead to nuclear weapons halted. Make no mistake, Iran and others in the region will try to fight back. They will throw temper tantrums that the U.S. is reneging on the deal. But we have to stop it as soon as possible. Iran cannot be trust.

Let’s hope it gets taken care of immediately.

Source: Allen B West

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