McConnell Schedules Obamacare Vote That Goes Directly Against Trump’s Wishes

It’s happening again!

Just like a clock, Republican leaders are about to betray conservatives.

Heaven forbid that free markets be allowed anywhere near the GOP’s “free market” Obamacare reforms.

Reforms? Yeah, Obamacare repeal is dead.

The Daily Wire has the gory details…

The bill purportedly under consideration would constitute an ultimate betrayal of Congressional conservatives; it would strip out proposed language strengthening market options, the proposed Cruz-Lee Consumer Freedom Amendment.

Smoky backroom much?

According to Politico, McConnell hasn’t even had the good grace to send a full plan for consideration to other Republicans – he plans to ram through a version of the bill he has not yet distributed. McConnell is reportedly looking for other payoffs he can offer to Cruz and Lee to buy their support, since if McConnell loses them as well as Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), the legislation is effectively dead.

So he can’t lose Lee, Cruz and Paul, but he hasn’t even talked to Paul, we learned today. And this is after President Trump voiced support for Cruz and Lee’s plan.

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Paul has sent numerous memos to McConnell and hasn’t even received a response.

If this is how things go, then losing Congress will be exactly what these dishonest morons deserve!

Source: Daily Wire

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