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New York Times Claims Donald Trump Is Backtracking On Climate Change…There Is Just 1 YUGE Problem!
By Cheryl Chumley|November 27, 2016

Once again, the mainstream media has raised its biased head.

Donald Trump, already plagued by inaccurate reporting that dogged him on the campaign trail, now faces a new skewed claim that’s making the rounds of social media and mainstream media.

This time, it’s about his true views of climate change.

As Marc Morano with Climate Depot reports: “The media spin on President Elect Donald J. Trump’s sit down with the New York Times on November 22, can only be described as dishonest.”

Here’s why: The headlines coming out of that meeting read “Trump appears to soften stance on climate change,” and “Donald Trump backflips on climate change,” and even “Trump on climate change in major U-turn.”

But what’s the truth?

“The ‘fake news’ that Trump had somehow moderated or changed his “global warming” views was not supported by the full transcript of the meeting,” Morano writes.

Trump’s true views, shared by even the most vocal of climate skeptics, is that there is “some connectivity” between humans and climate. The real issue, as both Trump and climate skeptics agree, is how much.

The media just cannot be trusted any longer.

As Heartland Insitute’s president, Joe Bast, said in Climate Depot: Trump’s views are nothing to fear.

“This is reassuring. The Left wants to drive wedges between Trump and his base by spinning anything he says as ‘retreating from campaign promises.’ But expressing nuance and avoiding confrontation with determined foes who buy ink by the barrel is not retreating,” he said.

Source: Climate Depot

Cheryl Chumley
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