Media Cover-Up EXPOSED! Here’s The Shocking TRUTH About Latest “Racial” Shooting…

Everyone knows that first impressions are almost impossible to forget, for better or worse. The same is true with the mainstream media’s liberal narrative.

Traditional newspapers and TV news may be on the decline, but they still have enough power and influence to ensure that their initial report on any story is the one that sticks with millions of people, sometimes for decades.

Once again, we see this playing out after the police shooting of Philando Castile in Minnesota on Wednesday. Now audio from a police scanner and other evidence is casting doubt on the media’s official story.

Conservative Tribune reports that, for example, Castile wasn’t pulled over by police for having a broken tail light, but because “officers believed he matched the description of a suspect in an armed robbery that occurred Tuesday afternoon.”

It also turns out that Castile’s record wasn’t entirely spotless:

[H]e was stopped over 50 times since 2002 for numerous violations. Over half of them were not pursued, however, he amassed $6,588 in fines.

Picking up on the media’s first reports, activists on social media inflamed an already volatile situation and innocent people are paying the price. Unfortunately, this new information will never get the same degree of attention, and the media will never learn its lesson. Ratings are more important to them than the truth or even human life.

Credit: Conservative Tribune

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