BUSTED: Media Lie That Trump Mocked Disabled Reporter DEBUNKED…Here’s The Proof! [WATCH]

The liberal elitist media have long ago given up any semblance of integrity or ethics. Journalists, once trusted to report the unadulterated facts of the day, have colluded to twist the truth for their own agenda.

It’s sickening to think that these media outlets willingly lie to America. But they know the only way liberal policies will get passed is to manipulate the facts. Otherwise the public would see those policies for what they are: failed, broken, and idiotic.

Some of the worst examples of journalistic corruption have gone on during the 2016 election. Liberal news sites, papers, and cable channels have worked overtime to discredit Donald Trump. They’ve distorted facts, his words, and even tried to slime his wife.

But what they did recently is a brand new low.

From Conservative Tribune:

One of the most onerous lies about Trump from the media has been their claim, repeated ad nauseum even to this day, that he hates disabled people, an assertion they have based on a clip of him at a November 2015 rally in South Carolina where he was poking fun at a flustered reporter who also happened to suffer from a disability.

You would think this makes Trump look like a monster. How dare he mock a disabled person! Yet the website Catholics4Trump did some digging.

They found out that the clip of Trump “mocking” the reporter was heavily edited. It was made to look like Trump was singling out the reporter. Yet the reality is, Trump occasionally does the same shtick to emphasize the weakness of his rivals, when they were unwilling to answer the tough questions.

Furthermore, video clips from the same rally and others shortly thereafter showed Trump making the same flailing movements with his arms to describe the flustered reactions of both a military general and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz when asked tough questions for which they had no answers.

Trump is an expressive speaker. Unlike most milquetoast politicians, he’s not afraid to speak his mind and use humor to drive a point home. However, the media’s attempt at editing footage to make it seem like he was mocking a disable reporter is unacceptable.

It was clearly a manipulation of footage, meant to wrongfully discredit him.

I write a lot about the corruption of the liberal media. Some might think too much. But when stories like this arise, can you blame me? The industry that is supposed to delivering the truth has fallen so far. They go out of their way to lie to us, because they don’t think we deserve the truth.

It’s clear that the liberal media don’t want us to vote for the right person. They want to corral us, like sheep, into voting for the same broken status quo. And they’ll use every trick in their book to have their way.

Let’s prove them wrong.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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