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Melania Just Got SWEET Revenge On Michelle – And She DESERVED It!
By Faith Braverman|April 18, 2017

The mainstream media often finds itself grasping for straws when it comes to criticizing First Lady Melania Trump.

Due to her stunning beauty and graceful demeanor, critics often hone in on her accent, or try to compare her to former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Recent speculation regarding the current First Lady happened on several news programs last week. All were predicting that Melania was ill-prepared to handle the Easter Egg Roll at the White House and that it would likely be a disaster compared to when Michelle Obama ran the event.

Monday’s event did prove to be a departure from the White House Easter festivities of the best, but in the best possible way.

Melania Trump showed once again that only a fool would underestimate her.

From Mad World News:

Melania decided to go with the Marine Corps Band and Christian musicians called “Martin Family Circus.” She had the traditional egg roll game and a section where kids could listen to President Trump read them stories. The atmosphere was family friendly and not over the top, just plain fun with lots of mingling with the First Family.

First Lady Melania also made sure this would be not an insider’s event. In contrast, the Obamas were famous for making all events at the White House for celebrities and not for regular Americans.

“[T]he White House came through, releasing tickets in mid-March and distributing them via an online lottery and to ‘schools, children’s’ hospitals and military and law enforcement families,’ White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Thursday.”

The desire to make the event more focused on family and less on celebrity reflects First Lady Melania Trump’s personal feelings on Easter Sunday.

Growing up in communist Slovenia, Melania Trump was not allowed to celebrate Christian holidays at the command of her father, who was a member of the country’s Communist Party.

Communist and socialist countries around the world often attempt to outlaw Christianity, as the religion robs the government of worshippers who rightfully devote themselves to God instead.

According to Democrats, socialists and communists, thou shalt have no God before the government.

Melania turned that belief on its head by shunning Michelle Obama’s past attempts to make the Easter Egg Roll a celebrity potluck rather than an intimate ceremony celebrating one of the most sacred moments in Christianity.

Here’s to many more events just like this one.

Source: Mad World News

Faith Braverman
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