BOOM – Melania’s EPIC Response To Hillary Is BLOWING UP The Internet!

Unlike, say, Michelle Obama, Melania Trump tends to stay out of the spotlight, preferring to stay in the background while her husband campaigns. She hasn’t been seen very much since the Republican National Convention, but Melania just came back into the limelight without saying a word.

It happened during the second presidential debate and no doubt millions of viewers missed the gesture entirely:

Melania Trump (…) wore a Gucci blouse called a “pussy bow” to the second presidential debate.

The potential First Lady’s wardrobe choice came as her husband faced blistering criticism over a recorded conversation in 2005 in which he joked about groping women. One of the words he used was a crude reference to the female anatomy. (…)

A Trump campaign spokesperson reportedly said that Mrs. Trump’s sartorial choice was “unintentional.”

Well, they could hardly say otherwise.

Maybe it really is a coincidence that Melania decided to wear this vintage blouse on Sunday night. Or maybe the Trump camp really was “trolling” the Clintons in the most subliminal way imaginable. It’s fun to think it’s the latter!

Source: Yes I’m Right

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