Mexican Politician STUNS Country…’Trump is RIGHT, Mexico Can…’

One of the most contentious issues of this election is illegal immigration. As America suffers from unregulated aliens entering our country, weakening our economy and creating an environment for terrorism, the current establishment does nothing.

Hillary Clinton wants to increase the number of undocumented immigrants entering America.

Donald Trump, from the beginning, has made his stance clear. His strongest goal is to build a wall across the US-Mexican border.

Critics have tried to use this plan to discredit the candidate, but he has only enjoyed greater success among Americans.

Even the president of Mexico was forced to invite Trump to his country to speak with him on the matter.

Now we are hearing from another notable Mexican leader, who has some interesting words about this wall.

From The Political Insider:

A former Mexican diplomat laid out all the different ways that Trump actually can force Mexico for the border wall, and what’s more amazing is he didn’t seem to think it was such a big deal!

Here’s what Jorge Castañeda, Mexico’s secretary of foreign affairs (2000 to 2003) said about how it might be possible:

“If he really wants Mexicans to pay for the wall, he has many ways of getting many Mexicans to pay for the wall, increasing the fee for visas…increasing the toll on the bridges..taxing remittances,” he said at the Hudson Institute in Washington.

When meeting with the Mexican president, Trump refined his plan for a wall by saying it can be funded through the seizure of drug cartel resources. This plan would make both Mexico and America happy. Castañeda’s suggestion of raising tolls and taxes could work, but it would be a more nuclear plan, forcing Mexican citizens to front the cost.

More likely would be a compromise that makes both the United States and Mexico happy (at least as far as paying for the wall). Mexico may never like the idea of a wall, but it would go a long way in securing both nations.

For now, we can only speculate on whether the wall will be built and who will pay for it. But a time might be coming when it will no longer be speculation.

Source: The Political Insider

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