Michael Moore Orders President To Open Mar-A-Lago To Evacuees—There’s Just One Massive Problem

The amount of success that Leftist filmmaker Michael Moore has achieved is nothing short of staggering.

Unfortunately for Moore, it’s not staggering because he has made such a monumental contribution to society, but rather because it’s nothing short of unbelievable that people actually fall for his schtick.   

Moore has built his fortune off of the back of selectively-edited documentaries that do not even begin to tell the whole story.

He enters each project with a clear narrative in mind, and he then sets out to create a piece that that completely supports that arc. Quite simply, he has mastered the art of propaganda for the modern world.  

Be that as it may, Moore still manages to find buyers for his snake oil.

The Daily Wire passes along another reason why ‘buyer beware’ signs should be mandatory for anything Moor has his name attached to.  

Filmmaker and, now, star of his own one-man show on Broadway that is inspiring tens of people to become part of the anti-Trump resistance, took minutes out of his busy schedule Saturday night to suggest that Donald Trump open his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, as a hurricane shelter for those escaping Irma’s wrath.

How brave! What a resistor! Is there any way we can push Trump out of office and get Moore in there ASAP?

That’s just a sampling of the ideas we would imagine were rattling around Moore’s cranium when he put that ridiculous idea out there.

Thankfully, other users picked up the ball to help set him straight – not that it will happen anytime soon.

Mar-A-Lago just so happens to be located in one of the mandatory evacuation zones, but small details like facts have never gotten in the way of Moore making a point before. Why should we expect that to start now?

Now, if you’re looking for a cushy place to crash during the hurricane, Michael Moore does own nine properties, none of which happen to be in a hurricane evacuation zone (most are in either Michigan or New York City). Since he’s clearly not using all nine of them, perhaps he could open up one or two of his extraneous properties to hurricane refugees.

Of course, staying in one of Moore’s properties comes attached with the risk that you would have to hear him drop his version of truth and the way the world should work on you.

Those that really feel the need to subject themselves to something that painful should just go ahead and plunk down the cash to buy a ticket to see his next piece of hot garbage.  

Unfortunately, there remain far too many people that are willing to do just that. As such Moore won’t be going away anytime soon.

However, we’ll keep our fingers firmly crossed and hope that people will wise up and stop enriching him.

There’s a good chance his ‘resistance’ efforts and social media presence will drop precipitously once that happens.

Source: The Daily Wire

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