Michelle O’ Slams Women For Voting Trump, But Hear What She Said About Hillary in ’08

Even though the election happened almost a year ago, the pathetic democrats are still whining.

Instead of sucking it up and moving on, they complain about how so many people rejected Crooked Hillary and voted for Trump. Even—gasp!—millions of women!

Even former First Lady, Michelle Obama crows on and on about this. She recently insulted the many, many women who vote for Trump. She wants you to believe the Hillary was a better choice for president, despite what she said about the woman many years ago.

From Daily Wire:

Speaking in Boston on Wednesday at a marketing conference called Inbound, former First Lady Michelle Obama had some choice words for women who voted for Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton in 2016. During the Q & A, Obama was speaking of how she stayed true to her “authentic self,” adding, “Quite frankly, we saw this in this election. As far as I’m concerned, any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice.”

She continued, “What does it mean for us, as women, that we look at those two candidates… and many of us said, ‘That guy? He’s better for me. His voice is more true to me.’ Well, to me, that just says you don’t like your voice. You like the thing you’re told to like.”

Okay, Michelle, keep talking. This is a prime example of how politicians change their message, just to manipulate people. Remember in ’08? She didn’t have a very high opinion of Hillary back then, when she was a rival to her husband. Just watch this clip for proof.

You see, when Hillary was trying to beat Barack, Michelle pointed out how bad the Clinton family looked. She was obviously referencing the fact that Bill was frequently in the hot seat over his affairs.

Yet so many years later—after Barack had his chance at ruining the country—suddenly Michelle thinks Hillary is the right choice. Not just the right choice, but the right choice for women. As if Hillary—as a woman with a history of attacking victims of rape—would somehow make good decisions for women.

Never mind all the stuff Michelle said in 2008 about having a good family means you can do a good job running the White House. How about Trump’s family? He’s got many kids, all of which are shining examples of his fatherhood.

But he’s republican so that doesn’t matter. Hillary’s a democrat, so Michelle has to contradict her old opinions to push an agenda.

And they wonder why people say politicians lie?

Source: Daily Wire

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