Michigan Terrorist Shouts ‘Allahu Akbar,’ What CNN Reports Instead Has Liberals Switching To Fox

I think we can all agree that “mainstream” media have lost all credibility.

Certain news outlets are so dishonest, we can’t even believe a word of what they report.

Their bias is so apparent, they go out of their way to hide facts and cover up details.

Such is the case of the Communist News Network: CNN.

From The Daily Wire:

After the stabbing of a policeman at the Flint, Michigan airport on Wednesday morning, and the report from NBC News that the assailant had shouted “Allahu Ahkbar” before the stabbing, CNN had the temerity to issue the following tweet; see if you can figure out what’s missing:

Something in Arabic? CNN then received proper derision for its tweet on Twitter:

Just think about that. CNN is working so hard to protect radical, Islamic terrorists, that they even refuse to report what this attacker said.

We know that within the Islamic community there are extremists and jihadists. These people have declared war on America and the West. And it is largely because of their religious beliefs in Allah, that they are doing these things.

To ignore that, as CNN has, is to deny the facts and actually protect terrorists.

So how long before CNN embarrasses themselves again? Probably soon.

But how long before they wake up and start reporting the news honestly? I won’t hold my breath.

Source: Daily Wire

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