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Mike Pence DESTROYS Media With BRUTAL Take-Down…What He Said Has Americans CHEERING!
By PJ Editor|August 16, 2016

The epidemic of Trump Derangement Syndrome in the press has reached epic proportions.

The latest outbreak has been the completely debunked story that Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort took millions of dollars in off the books payments from the Russian-backed former president of Ukraine.

Mike Pence has had enough. He blasted the media and pointed to the obvious truth that they are so desperate to avoid. Hillary Clinton is running for president and she is an ACTUAL criminal!

Buzzfeed, of all places, has the story…

“I think Paul Manafort has dismissed that as completely false and inaccurate and I accept him at his word,” Pence said in an interview with Fox 28 Columbus.

With this clear and simple denuciation, Pence then turned his guns on the REAL scandal…

“What’s hard for me to understand is how, a week ago, documented information came out to demonstrate that wealthy foreign donors who made major contributions to the Clinton Foundation, who were apparently then gained access to the State Department has gotten such little attention,” he said.

“The truth is Mr. Manafort is involved in our campaign, but he’s not running for president. Donald Trump is running for president and so is Hillary Clinton. I think it would be very important that the public have the ability to know and understand the extent to which this ultimately was a pay-to-play arrangement.”

Preach it, Brother Mike!

Source: BuzzFeed

PJ Editor
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