Mike Pence LOSES IT On Mainstream Media…’Ignoring An Avalanche of Hard Evidence About…’

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, who’s now running alongside Donald Trump as the Republican Party’s vice presidential pick for the White House, offered up some scathing criticism of the press during a recent Fox News interview, calling out the media for hitting hard at one candidate, but not the other.

Pence said the mainstream media was outright ignoring the truths about Hillary Clinton, yet going out of its way seemingly to report on any scandalous-tinged tidbit on Trump.

His words, as picked up by Breitbart: “The American people are very, very troubled. once again, here we are in an election of such enormous magnitude in the life of this nation, and once again, the media is piling on with unsubstantiated claims as the headlines while they ignore an avalanche of hard evidence about corruption, pay to play, political favoritism emanating out of Hillary Clinton’s years as secretary of state.”

What are some of the examples the media’s ignoring?

As Pence said, WikiLeaks recently revealed how State Department officials went out of their way to hide emails that showed close ties between her government position and certain contract awards for Haiti reconstruction that landed in the laps of Clinton friends.

“This is precisely the kind of pay to play politics she said wasn’t happening as their foundation accepted tens of millions of dollars from foreign governments,” Pence said, Breitbart reported.

And don’t forget the newest WikiLeaks revelation about Qatar’s gift to the Clinton Foundation.

“[I[n exchange for a five-minute meeting, the government of Qatar pledged $1 million to the Clinton Foundation,” Pence said, Breitbart reported. “The American people are tired of all of this, and frankly, they’re very tired, present company excepted, they’re tired of the media going after unsubstantiated allegations that Donald Trump has categorically denied while they willfully ignore an avalanche of hard evidence about Clinton’s scandals.”

Source: Breitbart

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