Military Hero Makes Heart-Breaking Move For His Closest Companion…He Just Left America In Tears

While you’re reading this, in classrooms across America, college students are being informed that the U.S. military is evil.

Marxist professors, who often came of age during the Vietnam War (or just wish they had) love pointing to the Mai Lai massacre or any such freak occurrence to denounce America’s military history.

In reality, the contrast between the U.S. armed forces and its enemies is stark and undeniable. The “No man left behind” credo is a perfect example of what distinguishes American soldiers as a cut above in terms of morality and civilized behavior.

Another is the way man’s best friend is treated.

In many theaters of war in the world today, dogs are considered unclean and even “Satanic” by the enemy. In contrast, the U.S. Armed Forces has long employed dogs to perform a variety of duties, and as time passed, made sure they were cared for after retirement.

The following heartbreaking story illustrates this so well:

Sergeant Kyle Smith, from North Carolina, bid an emotional farewell to four-legged companion Bodza after the German Shepherd was put down.

A picture showed Kyle giving his partner a tender hug as the dead dog was draped in the US flag.

The pair served side-by-side on four military tours before the soldier adopted him when Bodza retired in 2014.

The dog was diagnosed from degenerative myelopathy, and Smith didn’t feel it was right to prolong its suffering. After taking his buddy for a last meal at McDonald’s, he reluctantly had the dog put to sleep, appropriately draped in an American flag:

“I hugged him and told him that I loved him a lot, ‘I’m gonna miss you’. He was as much a part of the Air Force as me. I couldn’t have done the mission I did without him there.”

As sad as it is, this story also serves as a reminder that America’s fighting men and women embody compassion and decency. In a world where they are frequently mocked and demonized, such reminders are, unfortunately, much needed.

Source: UK Mirror

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