Trump Makes Massive Move For Our Military, Humiliates Obama At The Same Time

The U.S. military got a raw deal under President Obama. When he wasn’t pushing for transgenders in the Armed Forces, he made it hard for them to do their jobs.

Obama’s rules of engagement, for instance, put American soldiers at risk.

This is also true of Obama’s military plans. He sucked the will out of our troops and gave jihadists an advantage.

But now Trump is turning the tables. And our troops are winning again.

From Conservative Tribune:

U.S. Army Gen. John Nicholson slammed former President Barack Obama on Monday and said that Obama led jihadists to believe the U.S. military had lost their will…

Nicholson explained that from 2011-2016, the U.S. sent telegraphs to the Taliban promising that U.S. troops were leaving Afghanistan.

As a result, the Taliban saw U.S. forces as weak and believed they had “lost (their) will…”

However, under President Donald Trump’s pro-military, pro-United States administration, “we now have the will to succeed,” Nicholson said…

In his Thanksgiving message to the troops, President Trump praised United States’ service men and women for their progress in the war on terror.

“We have to let you win. They weren’t letting you win before. They were letting you play even … We’re letting you win,” he encouraged them.

We may never know why Obama treated our military the way he did. It’s almost as if he wanted us to fail. That’s especially true in the way he handled Afghanistan. His plans to hastily withdraw troops only empowered jihadists.

Thankfully, President Trump is nothing like Obama. His support of our troops is meaning all the difference around the world. Our servicemen and our allies are able to take direct action. That means major changes in war-torn countries. Hopefully swift ends to conflict and more lives saved.

In the coming years we will see an end to radical, Islamic terror. We will see unstable regions stabilized. We will lead from the front, from a position of strength.

Amazing what a change in leadership can bring!

Source: Conservative Tribune

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