WHOA: Millennial Women Asked About Hillary…Their Answer STUNS America! [WATCH]

Here’s your weekly dose of hilarity. The liberal elite in Washington and the media just don’t understand what’s going on in our country.

They’re so out of touch with regular people, they can’t comprehend why anyone would not support Crooked Hillary Clinton. As more and more people flock to Donald Trump’s camp, sick of the lying and corruption of the Clinton’s, they appear all the more baffled.

This is even more true with the younger generations.

Take this story as proof positive, from Breitbart:

Tuesday on MSNBC, host Stephanie Ruhle was interviewing Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton supporter and the former Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D-MI), she turned to the crowd of young people behind her and asked “So Hillary Clinton as a candidate, do you feel connected to her? I want to ask the woman in the room.”

The crowd screamed loudly, “No!”

Noticed how baffled and upset the host and pundit look. They can’t even process how people–especially young people–despise their candidate. They start the segment claiming that “more and more” women are coming to Hillary’s die, yet when they ask women in the crowd, they scream against her.

The best part is at the very end, when her guest doesn’t even have an answer for this. Really?? You don’t know why people–of any age–would hate Hillary Clinton? Are you so blind that you’d expect women to support her, just because she’s a woman?

Let’s not forget how her policies and behavior have reflected so poorly on women. Or how she protects her husband and attacks women who claimed they were raped by him. Or how–above all women in politics–Hillary Clinton is an unlikeable, unpleasant, and untrustworthy person.

And the news people don’t have an answer?

This is classic biased, liberal media. Right in their faces, they’re confronted with the truth, but instead of acknowledging it, they plead ignorance.

That’s okay MSNBC, we know you’re ignorant. The question is, will you ever wise up before it’s too late?

Source: Breitbart

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