Millions of Democrats In For Surprise—Texas Republicans Just Laid The Smackdown With New Law

Suggested title: Texas Republicans Look To Rein In Liberal Cities  

Subheading: The wishes of few are being forced on many, and GOP leadership in the state of Texas is ready to put a stop to that.

Things are changing deep in the heart of Texas. A number of liberal cities, emboldened by a population boom, are beginning to take more things into their own hands.

In essence, these cities are thumbing their noses at state laws to enact measures that play well in the liberal echo chamber. GOP leaders in the traditionally red state have had about enough of that, and they’re aiming to do something about it.

As The Hill explains, Republicans want to nip it in the bud before it leads to far greater problems down the road.     

Republicans who run Texas are increasingly targeting laws passed by cities and counties with so-called preemption measures, bills that would restrict a local government’s power to pass laws regulating certain industries or setting policy. It is part of a national trend in which Republican legislators are moving to preempt local governments, on issues ranging from minimum wage laws to immigration enforcement and even the use of plastic bags at retail establishments.

Supporters say the preemption laws are meant to create a consistent set of laws around a state. Opponents say it is a way for conservative legislatures to overrule more liberal city governments, at the cost of local control.

Gov. Greg Abbott (R) is completely on board with that, as local governments are forcing the wishes of a few folks on residents that like things just fine the way they are.

“What we’ve seen in Texas is a growing rise of actions at the local level that infringe upon people’s liberty. And just like I fought back against the federal government that was infringing on people’s liberty, I’ll fight back against federal, state or any government that infringes upon people’s liberty,” Abbott said in an interview in San Antonio, where he kicked off his bid for a second term as governor.

Abbott and Republican leadership in the state are right on the money. While it can be easy to give in to the so-called resistance when they start making a ton of noise, the cold reality is that they become further emboldened with each and every success.

Before you know it, you can find yourself at the mercy of liberal leaders. That’s true even when Republicans hold a clear majority. We constantly see that play out on a national level, as the liberals that yell the loudest manage to block any real progress from happening.

For other states, the proactive actions of Texas leadership can serve as a moment in which those states can become emboldened in their own right. The more states that stand up and point out that certain things aren’t going to fly, the less attempts to enact nonsense local legislation will be made.

Source: The Hill

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