Mini-Madoff Jailed For Stealing $100 Million From Seniors—But Now He’s On The Run!

It seems like white collar crime is all the rage these days. And so is prosecuting it.

You may remember Madoff, the man who ran a Ponzi scheme. He was nailed for stealing billions from big investors. But it seems like he’s not the last to do so.

News is circling about a Mini-Madoff. This man bilked millions from unwary seniors. He lived the high life, robbing them blind. But justice did come.

However, maybe they need to do a better job of holding onto white collar criminals…

From Fox News:

The U.S. Marshals Service tightened its dragnet Friday for a con man dubbed “Seattle’s mini Madoff” after the 55-year-old escaped a federal prison where he was serving an 18-year sentence.

Darren Berg, who was convicted of swindling investors out of more than $100 million, walked away from a minimum-security work camp next to a penitentiary in Atwater, Calif. On Wednesday, The Seattle Times reported.

“Darren Berg will be captured, held to account and returned to federal custody,” said Emily Langlie, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Seattle.

Berg was sentenced in 2012 to nearly two decades behind bars for bamboozling his clients – many of whom were senior citizens – out of their life savings to fund a Ponzi scheme Berg was using to support his high-flying life.

Berg, who pleaded guilty to wire fraud, money laundering and bankruptcy fraud charges, used investment funds from his company, Meridian Group, to buy two Lear jets, several yachts and million-dollar condos and homes in Washington state and California over the course of a decade, federal prosecutors have said.

Um, what? He just walked away? I know minimum security prisons don’t have rifle towers, but come on! I don’t think criminals should be able to just leave.

Maybe shackles are in order guys. Or maybe a few more guards.

This man spent two decades robbing his clients. People gave him their life savings, trusting him. Instead of investing their money, he lived like a fat cat. Yet when he’s arrested, he can so easily escape?

I don’t think Berg will be able to get far. With his assets gone and his face all over the Internet, he won’t be hard to find. However, he might have a secret plan. Perhaps he’s already relaxing in a foreign land.

Source: Fox News

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