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MORE MEDIA LIES! The People Actually Do Support…
By PJ Editor|November 14, 2016

Beyond the fact that protesters look plain stupid, they are fighting a moot point.

The American voters spoke clearly and the democratic process was fairly executed.

Even worse, these people fighting against the 2016 Election results are an incredibly slim minority of their own people! Most Hillary voters aren’t even on board with the anti-election movement or change.org petition to stop electoral voters from casting their votes for Trump.

As these numbers from a Washington Post/ABC poll show:

Just one in seven American adults strongly believe that Donald Trump’s election is illegitimate, says a new Washington Post/ABC poll, which was released amid a growing campaign by progressives to delegitimize the election of president-elect Donald Trump.

In contrast, 74 percent American adults recognize the election as a legitimate election. That’s three out of four Americans.

Of that 74 percent, 58 percent “strongly” support the legitimacy of the election, and 16 percent “somewhat” support the election. Five percent “somewhat” believe the election is illegitimate.

Seriously, what else needs to be done to restore some peace, on their quest for “peace?”

Source: Breitbart

PJ Editor
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