WOW – When MSNBC Asks Women How They Felt About Hillary…They NEVER Expected This!

Each candidate in the race for the presidency has their own particular groups which the candidates reliably believe will support them all the way to the end.

No doubt Democrat presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, feels that women are overwhelmingly in favor of her over Republican, Donald Trump, but that may not necessarily be the reality.

From the Independent Journal Review:

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle conducted an impromptu poll of women in a live crowd on Tuesday morning, asking them if they feel a personal connection to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“I want to actually ask the crowd behind me — So Hillary Clinton as a candidate, do you feel connected to her?” Ruhle asked the women in the crowd.

“No!” most of the women shouted in response.

Other women can be seen on camera shaking their heads in disapproval.

Clinton still holds a sizable lead over Trump with women voters.  52 percent said they support Clinton, compared to 34 percent who said they were supporting Trump, this, according to an NBC News poll.

Clinton may be losing her hold over women who simply don’t trust her anymore after the latest scandals have come to the forefront. It’s possible the polls don’t show the true numbers of disenfranchised women voters that feel Trump might be a better choice. Indeed, Hillary’s campaign has looked a little desperate lately!

Source: Independent Journal Review

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