MSNBC Declares VP Debate WINNER…No One Expected THIS! – WHOA [WATCH]

Partisans gonna partisan.

That is a rock-ribbed political truth. No matter how obvious the truth may be, some shill will claim the complete opposite for the sake of their cult-like devotion to party or candidate. The dull-eyed Hillary propagandists that shamelessly claim that black is white are the worst offenders.

Usually I expect MSNBC to fall into that category. So it came as a shock that Mike Pence so completely wiped the floor with the hapless Tim Kaine that even MSNBC had to admit it!

Watch the stunning exclamation below…

As HotAir opined…

Democrats have tried to spin Kaine’s performance since the debate as exactly what they wanted. Team Hillary put out the spin almost immediately that they wanted to make Trump the issue in the debate, and the repetitive zingers found their mark. Unfortunately, they seem to be the only people buying that argument. Nearly everyone else had the same impression as Matthews, which was that the constant interruptions in a two-person debate looked a little desperate, especially for the purpose of reading from a scripted set of soundbites while Pence calmly discussed policy.

Source: HotAir

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