BREAKING: Muslim Democrat Nominee Committed DISGUSTING Crime…Faces SERIOUS Charges!

With each passing day, we are learning just how out of touch the Democratic Party is.

Instead of upholding American values and traditions, they are willing to sacrifice everything this country stands for, if they could seem progressive and open minded.

Often this “progress” leads to dangerous ends, like the support of criminals for public office, or policies that defraud minorities instead of empowering them.

Take this story from Minnesota. The local media were gushing over the nomination of a Somali-American Muslim woman. The Democrats celebrated such a progressive choice for local office. Wow, look how far we’ve come! A Muslim woman has a chance to secure a seat!

Except, they overlooked some serious crimes in her past.

From Conservative Tribune:

Ilhan Omar secured the nomination of the state’s Democrat Party to serve as the representative of House District 60B in the state legislature by coming in first in a three-way race that included 22-term incumbent Phyllis Kahn.

State and national media hailed Omar’s victory as “historic,” but other reports suggested that the victor had a past in marriage and immigration fraud.

Omar reportedly married Ahmed Hirsi, the father of her three children, in 2002, according to Power Line. However, that wasn’t her last marriage, as she allegedly married again in 2009, but this time to her own brother — Ahmen Nur Said Elmi.

The reports suggested that the marriage between Omar and her brother, a British citizen, was to assist his entry into the United States.

If true, Omar would be guilty of violating Minnesota’s laws against bigamy, which is defined in Minn. Stat. § 609.355 as “knowingly having a prior marriage that is not dissolved” while also “contracting a marriage in this state.”

Now how did a watchdog group discover this, while the entire Democratic Party of Minnesota did not? Perhaps they knew Omar was party to immigration fraud–not to mention bigamy and possibly incest–but ignored it because they wanted to crow about a Muslim woman winning the nomination.

This is just like the Democrats, who are no longer a party of sound progress, but a group of corrupt insiders who will stop at nothing to push their agenda. Once a party that fought for equal rights for all Americans are now flagrantly breaking the law and endangering the entire country.

The media are to blame as well. They were so quick to celebrate the fact that a foreign-born woman of the Islamic faith gained the nod, but did not look into her character. Remember what Martin Luther King said? The color of your skin does not matter; it’s what you do that counts.

But Omar is a liar, law-breaker, and committer of incest. Those are not the kind of qualifications for public office.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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