BREAKING: Muslim Indoctrination Just APPROVED…Americans STUNNED At Shocking Takeover!

Knowing how public schools stand on Christian religious expression, it is quite perplexing how the liberal progressive socialist and stalwart defenders of the “separation of church and state” clause can justify teaching Islamic curriculum in class.

School authorities are so quick to accuse Christians of being hate mongers without any current evidence to back up that statement. They expect everyone to believe that accusation to be true just because they said it.

Really, what this does is reinforce in the minds of Christians the anti-Christian bigotry that is being slowly institutionalized around them with laws making the 1st Amendment right to free expression illegal!

But only for Christians!

Muslims can spew hatred from every orifice and Liberal Progressives will take pitchforks and torches in hand to go find a Christian to blame for it! has reported on one of the latest anti-hate resolutions passed by a school district in Kansas:

“One of the nation’s largest school districts has adopted a resolution banning “hateful speech” against Muslim students while accusing America of having “a long history of racism and xenophobia.”

The controversial resolution, unanimously approved by the Kansas City Board of Education on Sept. 28, states that there are 30,000 Muslims living in the greater Kansas City area, “making invaluable contributions to our economy, our social and political life, and our culture.”

It goes on to state that discrimination on the basis of religion, “and against Muslims in particular, is deeply embedded within our country’s long history of racism and xenophobia.”

A long history of racism and xenophobia??

And here I thought America was one of the most generous and open societies to ever exist! What with giving citizenship to anchor babies, providing welfare and job opportunities to new immigrants and all.

Sure we’ve had some bumps along the road but America has come a long way towards that integrated, tolerant and fair society everyone has dreamed about. continues:

[A] Sept. 28 meeting was reportedly packed with local Muslims seeking to show their support for the resolution. Shaheen Ahmed of the Crescent Peace Society, a Kansas City interfaith organization, requested the board adopt the resolution and the Muslims were hoping that other school districts would follow the lead of Kansas City and adopt similar resolutions, according to a post on social media by Mahnaz Shabbir, an adviser to the Crescent Peace Society who also attended the meeting.

More from the “anti-hate” resolution is quoted below:

WHEREAS there has been an unprecedented backlash since the September 11th attacks in the form of hate crimes and employment discrimination toward Arab and Muslim Americans and those perceived as Muslims;

and WHEREAS Muslims, Muslim Americans, and those perceived as Muslims, are frequently the targets of abusive and discriminatory police practices sanctioned by the state including surveillance in their neighborhoods and places of worship.”
Now in my mind, this is mostly false allegations Muslims use to garner sympathy in places they immigrate to so they can get away with all the anti-christian violence and subversion they plan to commit in the new countries they want to eventually dominate.
Allen West responded to some of these allegations with a little insight of his own:

Now, if this is something the Kansas City School Board wants to do, fine. However, what’s rather hypocritical to me is that we have this concerted effort by secular humanist groups to eradicate Christianity from our schools and our public spaces.

As well, Christians are persecuted for their faith…no safe spaces for them. Why is it that Christians are deemed hateful when they wish not to participate in same-sex marriage ceremonies? Yes, consider the Christian bakers in Oregon who have lost their business. They were savagely assailed and fined by the state – as was the Christian photographer who declined to do portraits of a same-sex marriage because of her Christian faith.

I just have to ask, will there be any special training for anyone in these cases? Oh yeah, it’ll be for the Christians who NEVER denied anyone service because of sexual orientation, they just wished to not be a part of a certain ceremony.

While, anti-Christian sentiment continues to grow, Christians are being progressively marginalized for simply having a moral conscience and a desire to live by their Christian principles.

Islam, in the meantime, grows in popularity and becomes more and more oppressive as it does. Forcing businesses to stop serving pork products and threatening violence to infidels if their demands are not met.

America cannot survive, intact, if we knuckle under to the Muslims and submit to their demands every time they whine. If they aren’t willing to assimilate into our culture, and they probably won’t, then they have no business being here!

Source: Allen West

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