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Muslim ‘Police Force’ Hijacks American Town…What The People Did Next Is AWESOME!
By Faith Braverman|April 14, 2017

For quite some time, conservatives have recognized Sharia law as the dangerous threat that it is.

The attempts by radical Muslims to impose it have expanding across the country in recent years, but the conservative right has been successful in trying to stop it—despite the best efforts of Democrats.

In Montana, the Republicans in the House of Representatives recently passed a bill blocking the application of foreign law in state courts. In Texas, Muslims in Irvine were shut down by Mayor Beth Van Duyne when they attempted to practice Sharia Law in the Lone Star State.

Now, another Muslim is attempting to enforce the barbaric Islamic code in the United States.

Born Devon James Miller, Abdullah Rashid moved to Minnesota from Georgia and became increasingly radicalized by the Muslim community there.

On his website, Rashid has posted videos from Muslim extremists, including one from Al-Queda’s Anwar al-Awlaki entitled, “Never Trust Non-Muslims.”

But it’s his latest bizarre behavior that’s finally forced local police to intervene. Rashid has been posing as an officer in a fake uniform and has been enforcing Sharia law in his Minnesota neighborhood.

Rashid has been going around telling people in the community not to drink, use drugs, or interact with the opposite sex. Women in particular have been experiencing harassment, with Rashid telling some of them to cover up with jilbabs, or long, flowing garments.

From Mad World News:

Rashid was not acting alone, either. He said he has enlisted a group of 10 men, ages 18 to 25, to help him patrol the area. In a recent interview, Rashid said he aims to turn Cedar-Riverside into a “sharia-controlled zone” where Muslims are learning about the proper practices of Islam and “non-Muslims are asked to respect” it.

Minneapolis police received reports back in February from concerned residents who saw Rashid wearing a dark green uniform labeled “Muslim Defense Force” and “Religious Police” that bore images of flags associated with militant groups, including the Islamic State.

Those concerned citizens have had it. Americans are pissed off and weighing in from across the country, sickened that this situation got so out of control.

This isn’t the first time Minnesota has faced criticism regarding its Muslim community.

Muslim immigrant Ilhan Omar recently won the election to be the State Representative of the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood, which was patrolled by Rashid.

Dubbed “Little Mogadishu” because the area is so overrun with Somali immigrants, Omar’s rise in politics there is a prime example of just how bad things for the area have become.

Not only is Omar a Muslim apologist, she has been facing allegations that she married her brother to expedite his immigration process.

Minnesota Democrats continue to cover for Omar by calling anyone who asks her these questions a bigot and a racist, even as nine young Muslim men in the state currently await trial for attempting to join ISIS.

The left needs to wake up and stop making excuses for the people attempting to fundamentally transform America, or else the situation in Minnesota, and the United States, will continue to worsen.

Source: Mad World News

Faith Braverman
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