Breaking: Muslim Refugee Attack Predicted…Liberals Brush It Off As Racist!

We are living in dangerous times. There’s no getting around that. While we as Americans should welcome people from all walks of life to peacefully become a part of our society, we need to use diligence to prevent dangerous influences from entering our country.

It’s clear that under President Obama, we’ve practically had open borders. Illegal immigrants aren’t being deported, even after committing heinous crimes. Federal agencies are told to look the other way when vetting Muslims from Africa and the Middle East.

What has this brought on us? More terrorist attacks than we can count. A single attack is unacceptable, but the sheer weight of terror wrought on this nation during Obama’s administration is reprehensible. Deplorable, if you ask me.

All of his supposed accomplishments are nullified by the blood of innocent Americans, killed in entirely preventable acts of terror and crime.

The most recent attack at Ohio State is further proof that we need stronger vetting systems and zero tolerance for illegals.

Thankfully our next president understands this.

From Yes I’m Right:

More than once during his presidential campaign, Donald Trump warned about the threat posed by improperly vetted Somali refugees only to be called insensitive and racist for raising the issue.

While much of the refugee debate focused on those coming from Syria, Trump did highlight the risks associated with Somali refugees in states like Maine and Minnesota, which have received high numbers of displaced Somalians.

“And as Maine knows, a major destination for Somali refugees. Right? Am I right?” Trump said. “Well they’re all talking about it, Maine Somali refugees. We admit hundreds of thousands, you admit into Maine and to other places in the United States, hundreds of thousands of refugees, and they’re coming from among the most dangerous territories and countries across the world.”

The left has zero defense against this kind of common sense statements, so they’ve twisted the truth to make Trump appear racist. How is it racist to want to protect Americans? How is it racist to want to prevent terrorist and other dangerous individual from entering our country and killing our children?

The left is falling apart, that’s easy enough to see. Whenever a terrorist attack happens on U.S. soil, they have no excuse. Instead of pointing to the real problem: lack of national security and strong immigration rules, they point to pathetic excuses like gun control (even Hillary Clinton’s campaign website listed gun control as a national security issue).

The media and the left may never learn that stronger immigration will help stem the tide of unmitigated terror that is growing in our nation. But that’s okay. We now have a president that will do more to protect our nation, implement laws that prevent unvetted immigration, and strike back at ISIS.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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