WHOA: Muslim Refugee VIOLENTLY Proves Liberals Wrong…Trump Was Right ALL ALONG!

The lamest reason liberals give for allowing refugees into America from Muslim majority, violence-prone lands is that your chances of dying in a terrorist attack are very low.

They conveniently brush aside the fact that not all crimes and other outrages carried out by violent Muslims can be categorized as terrorism.

For example, once safe and peaceful Sweden is now the rape capital of the Western world. How did such a thing happen? The vast majority of these rapists are “refugees” from Muslim nations that have very different ideas about acceptable behavior.

This is what liberals are OK with, and if you’re not, well you’re just a hateful person:

Sorry, liberals, but violence like this, and the shocking story below, are exactly the reason the travel ban makes complete sense, not for selfish reasons, but for the sake of ALL Americans:

A MIGRANT has been accused of beheading his girlfriend in a ritualistic killing after stabbing her 30 times.

The Congolese refugee had applied for asylum in Berlin, Germany, where he is alleged to have carried out the brutal killing.

Her body had also been decorated with stones, string and feathers in what investigators believe was a “ritual killing”.

And this is a story that made it to the news. Germany has no equivalent to the U.S. First Amendment. Much of the media is state-sponsored, and to make things worse, Angela Merkel has made a deal with Facebook to crack down on stories like this one.

The reason Europe in general and Germany in particular is eager to allow in these millions of immigrants is a mystery.

Some say they feel residual guilt over the crimes of the Second World War. Others say then need to boost their population by any means necessary, since the native birth rate is below replacement levels.

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Whatever the reason, America is fortunate that Donald Trump is standing firm in not allowing such a thing to happen here. And guess what? A recent poll shows that most Germans want a “Trump-style” “Muslim ban” in their country, too. Who can blame them?

Source: UK Daily Star

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