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Muslim Welfare Queen Won’t Remove Hijab For Job…City Delivers INSTANT Justice!
By Kay Johnson|May 17, 2017

Irma Kurtz once said, “Givers need to set limits, because takers rarely do.”

This is definitely the case for Muslim refugees entering Western countries. The welfare benefits given to these low-skilled, foreign language speaking migrants are costing taxpayers billions of dollars, but many of them are refusing to work because they don’t see the need. Why contribute when you can just take?

One Muslim woman has been taking advantage of the system for years, but after a recent experience in court, she is starting to see that she can no longer hide behind her religion to get whatever she wants.

From Mad World News:

According to Utrecht District Court documents, a devout Muslim woman, whose name has been redacted, migrated to the Netherlands in May 2012 only to live off the country’s glorious benefits as an economic migrant, just like most asylum seekers in Europe.

After nearly 2 years on welfare with no intention of providing for herself, the Muslim woman was told by Utrecht’s Department of Work and Income that she must get a job if she wants to continue collecting taxpayer benefits.

Resorting to her religious supremacy, the woman told the city council that she should not be expected to find work because her beliefs require her to wear the face-covering niqab, which is banned in the workplace. Unfortunately for her, the department wasn’t going to be forced by the Muslim woman’s entitlement, responding to her demand by first stripping her of 30 percent of her benefits and further cutting them by 10 percent each month that she remains unemployed.

This move is being celebrated by Dutch taxpayers who are tired of subsidizing free loaders.

Wearing a niqab is not an excuse to remain unemployed. The garment has no place in a Western country that believes in being able to see each other’s faces.

The niqab is also not protected under “freedom of religion” because the garment is not obligatory in Islam. It is traditionally worn only by women of the Arabian Peninsula.

By refusing to remove her niqab, this “economic migrant” is saying that she is not going to integrate. It is a symbol of protest against the host nation.

If she continues trying to manipulate her way out of working, maybe it’s time for deportation.

Source: Mad World News

Kay Johnson
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