Muslim Workers Kept Stopping Assembly Line…Then One Day Employer Had HUGE Surprise For Them

As President Obama is rolling out the welcome mat for thousands of Syrian refugees, business are being attacked by constant demands of Muslim workers.

Employers are put into situations to stand against Muslim workers who are demanding their rights under Sharia Law. Our own DOJ and President may line up with Muslim workers and push employers to bow to the worker’s demands.

Last month, Cargill fired 150 Muslim workers who refused to stay at their jobs rather than roll out their mats and pray. But last week 53 Somali-Muslim workers in a snowblower plant in Green Bay, Wisconsin walked off the job and halted production.

Ariens Manufacturing was being called on the carpet by the Somali employees to have their prayer demands met. No other employee was offered such breaks. No other religious or non-religious workers could get away with numerous breaks throughout the day.

So Ariens management stood up to the pressure. Their attorneys told them when the workers walked off to pray, to hand them an unemployment form. The Muslim workers were welcome to pray any time they wanted, just not as employees of Ariens.

The Equal Opportunity Employment Commission states that, “An employer does not have to accommodate an employee’s religious beliefs or practices if doing so would cause undue hardship to the employer… [such as] decreased efficiency.”

Finally, a company brave enough to stand up for itself. Thank you Ariens for rekindling our hope. Makes you glad to be an American again, doesn’t it?

Credit: FOX 11

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