Muslims Immigrants FLOOD American Town…What The People Did Next Is AWESOME!

That America is seeing a virtual invasion of middle eastern Muslim refugees from Syria and other countries, facilitated by president Barack Obama, is an indisputable fact. President Obama’s statement that Muslims have always been here and helped build the “very foundations of our nation” is pure hokum! The United States Marines were created to fight the “Islamic” Barbary Pirates that were attacking American merchant ships on the open seas during America’s early years as a young nation.

Recently, a group of American citizens protested the building of a new mosque in Newton County, Georgia along with a “Muslims only cemetery” and an Islamic school that had residents worried could lead to homegrown terrorism. The protesters didn’t just show up however, they were armed!

In an article from Right Wing News we read:

When the concerned citizens were ignored and plans were made to discuss the creation of another mosque, they realized that the time for talk was over. Then these citizens grabbed their firearms and went to the city square.

And did nothing. That’s right, they didn’t shoot anyone, they didn’t even pretend like they were going to shoot someone. They just demonstrated peacefully.

The Muslims were so frightened about it that they decided not to show up for their usual ‘rant fest’ where they yell about their plans to “Dominate America” so the meeting was cancelled. Even CAIR (Council On American-Islamic Relations) which has known ties to Islamic terrorism, worldwide, made their usual accusations of Islamophobia and racism.

In a statement released from CAIR and quoted in Right Wing News:

“County leaders shouldn’t allow themselves to be bullied into canceling a public meeting on a controversial issue,” CAIR spokesman Edward Ahmed Mitchell said. “A small group of anti-Muslim extremists were able to frighten a government body into canceling a public meeting. That sends a dangerous message about the power of fringe extremists to affect elected officials.”

With all of the recent violence we’ve seen in the alternative news coming out of western European nations suffering from terrorist attacks at the hands of the very people Europeans were kind enough to welcome into their homelands, it isn’t any wonder Americans across the country are expressing their concerns to leaders in no uncertain terms. The Muslims are not welcome in Newton County, Georgia and probably not in many other parts of America either!

Source: Right Wing News

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