National Radio Host Stuns America, Takes The Cake For Most Offensive Harvey Comment

Exactly how does someone come to the conclusion that this is a good idea before hitting post?

We’ve all been captivated by the stirring stories that have emanated from the devastation of Harvey.

The epic storm has really brought out the best in many folks, and there’s too many examples to do all of them justice.

Let’s just say it’s been incredibly touching to see folks come together to help those in need.

Unfortunately, there’s another end of the spectrum – even in this case. There has been some absolutely outrageous commentary offered up, and this one just may take the cake.    

Red State passes along the details.

Just a short time ago, a woman suffering through the terrible flooding and loss in Texas was on camera on CNN when she unleashed what was not only surely pent-up rage and frustration at her situation, but specific anger at the microphones and cameras being pushed in every face in every shelter and flood area in Texas by the press.

You would think a large portion of the CNN-hating, MSM-hating, free press hating “conservative” right would find in her a new folk hero, speaking back fiercely against what she sees as the exploitative press. But you’d be wrong, if retired big name AM talker and thought-leader Neal Boortz is any indication. I guess there’s some mystery group of people he likes even less than the press.

Boortz has been rightfully blasted for his stomach-churning comment, but he’s not showing much of an inclination to correct himself.

He’s backpedaling a teensy bit on Twitter now, claiming he meant he liked the F-bomb or some other nonsensical defense that he only objected to part of her comment, although still berating those who objected. Maybe he just thinks there are some “very fine” flood waters among the dangerous ones, I don’t know.

Having a personal filter is a wonderful thing, and it works really well when you successfully implement it.

Not every thought needs to be shared – especially ones as revolting as Boortz.

The fact that it even entered his mind is disturbing enough. Why share that with the world?  

Congratulations, you got the attention you so desired. Perhaps next time he can put the device down, take a deep breath, and go take a lap around the block. That would be a much better contribution to society.

Source: Red State

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