WHOA: #NeverTrump Rival FINALLY Sees The Light…Major Victory For Donald!

Donald entered a primary race with 16 other candidates.  It’s not surprising that some of them may be sore losers after he beat them all.

One such rival called him “un-American” and told him to go to hell.  Pretty rough words coming from a U.S. Senator.  Makes you wonder if Trump was really so mean to his opponents.

So when this bitter rival had an about face, many believe this is the beginning of the final turn for Trump to gain the full support of even the most committed stalwarts against him.  And that’s a very good thing for Trump.

Western Journalism reports:


In the wake of Trump’s more disciplined approach and his softer stance on illegal immigration in recent weeks, [Lindsey] Graham told WIS-TV, “When it comes to Donald Trump, I like what I see.”

“He’s articulated a plan against ISIL that makes sense to me,” the senator said. “He’s now talking about understanding the difference between a drug dealer and a grandmother as an illegal immigrant.”

Graham is confident that Trump can win South Carolina, but thinks it’s possible the state could turn “blue” if Republicans don’t do a good job of reaching out to more people. The senator wants Trump to continue to ease his position on illegal immigration, keep reaching out to minorities and, most importantly, get out of his own way.

Of course, Graham left himself a lot of wiggle room to walk back his semi-endorsement should Trump do something he doesn’t approve of:

“Donald Trump’s biggest problem is himself. (…) Let’s just see what happens. All I want to do is encourage Donald Trump to be a leader that can bring us together.”

What a lot of hot air. What’s obvious is that Graham, like so many in the #NeverTrump crowd, are jealous that the “upstart” Donald Trump has ascended to a leadership position they thought belonged rightfully to them.

Credit: Western Journalism

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