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New Muslim INSULTED by his 2 American roommates – What he did next leaves America SPEECHLESS
By Kay Johnson|May 23, 2017

The “religion of peace” strikes again.

The radicalization of Muslims within Western countries has been occurring for quite some time thanks to both mosques and social media.

ISIS and other terrorist groups are infiltrating the web as well as places of worship to convert impressionable young people to join their jihad.

This was the case in 2014 when two Austrian teenage girls fled their country to join ISIS in Syria. After an Islamic preacher at their mosque brainwashed them into committing jihad, the girls became “brides of ISIS” and were used in photos for recruitment purposes. Both were killed after attempting to flee.

Devon Arthurs of Florida, a caucasian male, also became radicalized. But instead of running off to join ISIS, Arthurs committed a heinous attack closer to home.

From The Daily Wire:

Tampa resident Devon Arthurs shot and killed his roommates, 22-year-old Jeremy Himmelman and 18-year-old Andrew Oneschuk, soon after he converted to Islam, telling investigators that all three men had “neo-Nazi beliefs” prior to his conversion.

A Tampa Police Department report revealed that Arthurs “had become angry about the world’s anti-Muslim sentiment and ‘wanted to bring attention to his cause,'” as noted by the Tampa Bay Times. 

After a brief standoff with police at a nearby smoke shop, Arthurs let three hostages go and turned himself in. He then led police back to his apartment to show them the bodies of his roommates, both dead from gunshot wounds.

A fourth roommate, Brandon Russel, was on the scene, and upon further investigation police uncovered another shocking truth.

Russel was taken into custody as well after police discovered bomb making materials and Nazi propaganda in his bedroom. Arthurs confessed to also sharing these neo-Nazi views before converting to Islam.

It’s not much of a change to go from being a Nazi to being a Muslim. After all, both share a common hatred for the Jews. But what could have spurred Arthurs to shift his allegiance so drastically?

Sociologist Eric Hoffer explores this in his book “The True Believer”. Hoffer theorizes that weak-minded zealots can easily convert from one movement to another. He noted for example that converted communists made the most enthusiastic fascists in the 1930’s.

The need to replace a weak self image with a group image is already there. Arthurs just exchanged one form of groupthink for another.

Arthurs is now being charged with two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of aggravated assault and three counts of armed kidnapping. He is currently being held in prison without bail.

Source: The Daily Wire

Kay Johnson
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