BREAKING: BIZARRE New Photo Raises Fresh Health Questions…What’s That On Her Face? [PHOTO]

The mysteries surrounding Hillary Clinton’s health may never be answered.

We know that she is suffering from a serious illness. All the evidence points to it. The vociferous reaction from the media to defend her only proves that something is wrong.

Months ago, questions arose about her suffering from Parkinson’s disease, an illness that would debilitate her over time.

Then we saw footage of her collapsing in front of her van. Then we learned from doctors and health experts about her questionable treatment. Even her husband admitted she fell and suffered episodes frequently.

It’s clear her people are covering up a serious problem. That alone should disqualify her from running for president.

Now there is some new evidence that something very odd is going on.

From Gateway Pundit:

What happened?

We all know Hillary Clinton is in poor health.

Her brain damage prevented her from recalling her (criminal) activity during her interview with the FBI.

She collapsed at Ground Zero on 9-11.

Now this— Did Hillary fall again?

Via Matt Drudge:

It’s hard to judge by a photo just what is wrong with her face. But clearly we can see something that is concerning. What is that odd shape on her cheek? A scar? An implant? A bad makeup job that is covering stitches or a bruise?


All we can do now is speculate, because we know she won’t be honest about her health. But every American deserves to know the truth about a potential president.

But truth is something we’ll never get from Hillary Clinton.

Source: Gateway Pundit

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