New Swing State Polls STUN Hillary…Send Democrats Into DAMAGE CONTROL! – WOW

Hillary’s polls continue to collapse. As the media spins happy talk for the Democrats, the polls are telling a very different story.

A slew of new national polls show that Hillary’s lead is eroding and Trump is surging. Now we have confirmation that these polls are showing a real trend toward Trump…and it is penetrating into the battleground states as well.

We have been told that Michigan and Pennsylvania were off the map. Hillary had them wrapped up. We have also been told that she has a massive advantage in the pivotal state of Ohio.

Not so much.

Emerson’s new polls reveal a very uncomfortable truth for the media and the Democrats…

Three new Emerson College polls show a tight race shaping up between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump in the key Rust Belt States of Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania. The two are deadlocked at 43% in Ohio. Clinton leads by three points in Pennsylvania (46% to 43%) and by five in Michigan (45% to 40%).  The Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson garners 7% of the vote in Pennsylvania and Michigan and 10% in Ohio. Green Party candidate Jill Stein receives 2% of the vote in Ohio and Pennsylvania and 3% in Michigan. Each poll consisted of 800 likely voters and had a margin of error of 3.4 percentage points.

Source: Emerson College

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