New York Times STUNS Hillary…DESTROYS Her In SHOCKING Bimbo Eruptions Report!

Lost in all the hot air over its (illegal) publication of Donald Trump’s 20 year old tax returns, the New York Times actually did print something else over the weekend, and it wasn’t very flattering for Hillary Clinton.

Clinton’s decision to run for president brought up lots of “ancient history” she would rather keep hidden. This is especially true of her treatment of other women, because it undermines her image as a feminist crusader.

The Times looked into Hillary’s reaction to all the women who claimed to have had affairs with Bill, women who came forward in large part when he ran for the presidency himself in 1992:

But at a news conference the next day, Ms. Flowers reasserted her claims, playing excerpts from her calls with Mr. Clinton. The two could be heard discussing the attention the rumors were getting, and she joked about his sexual talents.

Glimpsing the news conference in South Dakota, Mrs. Clinton directed an aide to get Mr. Clinton on the phone, Gail Sheehy, a journalist traveling with her, recalled in a recent interview. “It was a reaction of no surprise, but immediate anger and action,” said Ms. Sheehy, who also described her observations in a Vanity Fair article that year. “Not anger at Bill, but at Flowers, the press and Republicans.”

Back on a plane that night, Mrs. Clinton told Ms. Sheehy that if she were to question Ms. Flowers in front of a jury, “I would crucify her.”

So when Donald Trump allegedly “fat shames” a Miss Universe contestant, that makes him despicable and unfit to be president. But when Hillary Clinton utters threatening remarks about one of her husband’s “bimbos” (again, her words) that’s different somehow.

The real mystery is why so many American women continue to uphold Hillary as some kind of heroine.

Source: Glenn Beck

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