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NANNY STATE: New York Just Moved To Ban THIS Common Item…The Reason Will Make You Spit!
By PJ Editor|April 15, 2016

We are used to seeing leftist nuttiness coming out of New York state, but this one takes the cake!

New York already bans a wide variety of common items that can be used as “deadly weapons” because, you know, adults can’t be trusted not to hurt themselves or each other.

This is the fundamental premise of the nanny state and no where is that more true than in New York.

The most shocking thing about the latest controversy is that the senate vote to ban this item was 54-5. Literally 92% if New York state senators don’t believe their own citizens can be trusted with these. Mind boggling.

The Blaze has the story…

The Empire State’s Senate passed a bill, S.3199A, by a 54-5 vote margin Tuesday classifying a machete as a “deadly weapon,” making it a crime to possess one with the penalty of up to one year in prison.

One mush-headed liberal explains it…

“Despite the obvious serious injury that can be caused by the use of a machete,” state Sen. Tony Avella (D) wrote in a memo, “such weapons have not been included in the penal law’s definition of ‘deadly weapon.’”

He went on to say it is “surprising” that the knife had not previously been marked as a “deadly weapon,” “given the common knowledge that machetes have often been used as weapons and are actually defined as such in Webster’s dictionary.”

For the record, my machete, like my guns, have never killed or injured anyone. I guess it is because I am not drinking the water in New York!

Source: The Blaze

PJ Editor
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