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NEW YORK EVE! Will Trump CRUSH Cruz?…Find Out Here [POLLS]
By PJ Editor|April 18, 2016

There is little doubt that Donald Trump will win tomorrow, but that is only the least interesting question for The Donald.

Trump has never gotten over 50% of the vote in any state. This is a big chink in his armor since he is trying to argue that he is consolidating the Republican Party.

If he goes into the convention having never won a single majority, he will have a MUCH HARDER CASE to make to skeptical delegates.

There are 95 delegates in New York. 14 go to the state winner while the other 81 are divided among the the state’s 27 congressional delegates. Some pundits are claiming Trump will win all 95. These pundits are wrong and woefully ignorant of the process. If Trump gets less than 50% in ANY of the 27 districts, he will lose a delegate for each.

Realistically, the over/under for Trump is about 80. More than that and the dream of a first ballot win lives on, less than that and he will have a much tougher road to hoe in the remaining contests.

So those are the numbers to watch 50%+ statewide and 80 delegates. The stakes couldn’t be higher!

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PJ Editor
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