Newt Gingrich PREDICTS Hillary Demise…’She Can’t Survive…’

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich had an interesting perspective on some emails that WikiLeaks just dumped showcasing Hillary Clinton’s true views and visions of America’s borders.

And against a backdrop of terror attacks on U.S. soil, as well as rising ISIS assaults at overseas’ spots, this latest WikiLeaks revelation isn’t going to bode well for her campaign.

The email highlights Clinton’s conversations with bankers in Brazil. And during, she broadcast her desire for open borders.

As Western Journalism reported: “Gingrich told Trending Today USA’s Rusty Humphries that Clinton’s dream for an open border society should be what disqualifies her, and that voters would come to realize this and switch their support to Donald Trump.”

Specifically, Clinton told the bankers her “dream is of a Western Hemisphere, without borders,” Gingrich said, Western Journalism reported.

Earlier, on Fox & Friends, Gingrich said similarly, and added that the media was spending too much time covering comments Trump made in 2005 about women than on more serious matters, like Clinton’s many

“I think that you either fight or you lose ground, and one of the challenges for Republicans, they are not in the habit of fighting,” Gingrich said, on Fox News.

Gingrich had harsh words for Republicans who weren’t going to vote for Trump, saying they might as well cast ballots for Clinton then. He also
expressed confidence Trump was going to win.

“If this is a historic choice between somebody who ought to be in jail and change, Clinton will be beaten badly,” he said, Western Journalism

Source: Western Journalism

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