NEWT WARNS: America Better Prepare For ‘100 Year War’ With Islam For THIS Reason

In an address hosted by the Hamilton Foundation Gingrich discusses the extent to which a war against a very determined enemy could draw out, a war he says that the enemy will likely give us no choice but to fight.

From the Daily Caller: … Gingrich outlined in a clear and concise manner his belief that combating the terrorist forces within radical Islam will take as many as 100 years. He noted that the choice to go to war had already been made by the enemy, and the U.S. will eventually have no choice but to respond in a massive way.”

The casualties, destruction and the duration of which will be hard to prepare for, let alone have the stomach nationally for.

“We are having a difficult time coming to grips with how large this problem is … this is a clash of civilizations,” Newt continued.

Gingrich believes that although it seems there are many forces acting internally that could prevent us from raising to the level of determination it will take to fight and win in this campaign, the enemy itself will help to bring about our resolve.

The Daily Caller continued, quoting Newt: “We have probably been the most ferocious [country] with the application of force once provoked,” he noted. He believes those who are worried about being attacked are “going to keep growing for a practical reason.”

We have shown in the past the ability to fight at the level required to win, we have the technology, the equipment, and the men and women to fight it, we just need to have the resolve nationally to unleash the full force of our fighting men and women, as we have shown in the past we are capable of, to defeat an enemy who is in it for our destruction.

Credit: The Daily Caller

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