NFL Just Took Millions From Veterans, Breast Cancer Funding—Look Where They’re Sending It To

The NFL just came up with a solution to the Anthem protests—and it is far worse than the unpatriotic kneeling that started it all!

It was announced last week that the league would dish out almost $100 million dollars to end the protests.

Did anyone think this money was going to materialize from thin air—or come from their own pockets?

Well, it’s not.  Instead they are taking the money from funds already earmarked for cancer awareness and saluting our men in uniform.

And they’re using it to fund some pretty sick programs, all to make a few kneeling liberal players happy.

From Daily Wire:

San Francisco 49er Eric Reid shocked even the left-leaning Slate when he told the magazine in an interview Saturday that the NFL intends to use money slated for breast cancer charities and the “Salute to Service” veterans fund to pay for a seven-year, $89 million “social justice” program designed to placate protesting players.

The NFL announced the nearly-$100 million initiative last week as a way of “settling” with a coalition of players who have been kneeling during the national anthem since the start of the season — a group led by now-former 49er, out-of-work second string quarterback Colin Kaepernick, Philadelphia Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins and retired NFLer Anquan Boldin.

At the time of the announcement, however, details about where the money would come from were unclear. The NFL said only that owners would be allowed to allocate funds into “projects dealing with criminal justice reform, law enforcement/community relations and education.” But, Reid says, the money spent on these projects isn’t new — it’s simply being reallocated from existing charitable giving projects.

“In the discussion that we had, Malcolm [Jenkins] conveyed to us — based on discussions that he had with the NFL — that the money would come from funds that are already allocated to breast cancer awareness and Salute to Service,” Reid told Slate. “So it would really be no skin off the owners’ backs: They would just move the money from those programs to this one.”

Everything the league has done to confront the Anthem protests has only made the situation worse. They have proven to be cowards. Commissioner Roger Goodell refuses to man up and demand the players respect the Flag. The rest of the league is just as bad.

Now they are paying off these players, as if they were holding the sport hostage. But this big payoff will not sit well with fans. It’s as if Goodell thinks we’re too stupid to realize what he did to end the protests. He didn’t stand up to these entitled players, he just gave them a bunch of cash. Pathetic.

But to know they are robbing another charity to do it? That really is the nail in the coffin. All self-respecting patriots cannot put up with this kind of behavior. I won’t be surprised if viewership reaches all new lows. Not because I want it to, but because there’s no other choice.

Source: Daily Wire

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